Cosplay Target

Cosplay Target

Cosplay Target is a game special made for cosplayers! You'll get your cosplay target on your phone. Find him or her and become the best player. Meanwhile other players are searching for you. Be fabulous and findable because you get points aswell if they find you.


Coming Soon!

How does it work?

Download the application via Google Play. The game activates when there is an event. Select the event and activate yourself as player. Make a new Cosplay Selfie or select one of your other cosplay. Be sure it's a recognisable image because you earn point if others find you. You'll get 5 images of other cosplayers you need to find. Once you find them, fill in their targetcode in the application. You need to ask for their targetcode which is on their mobile phone. Once you submit the code, you earn 5 points and the target earns 4 points. At the end of the day, the one with the most points earns a number one spot on the leaderboards. Your cosplay list is synchronised with your cosplay collection on this website. So you can upload your cosplay pictures before the convention starts.

Where is this playable?

Go to events and click on the event to see if the cosplay target is available on that event. If you want cosplay target to be playable on your favorite event, please email us on